May 12, 2017 - WHY FIRE COMEY?  Trump is truly a genius.  He salts the media with savory news by using twitter, or by his words on camera..or by surrogates like Spicer.  He fired Comey.  The media is shocked (not really - they always want you to think they are shocked so they can elaborate on THEIR VIEW of Trump.)  Trump alwyas wanted to fire Comey but had he done so early on, it clearly would appear that he wanted to kill the "Russian connection story" that the media has used since November 9th!  Trump always knew that Comey had all he needed to charge Hillary and Bill Clinton with various charges from e-mail server manipulation to Clinton Foundation pay-to-play criminal activities, but - at Comey's earlier news conference...when he had Hillary almost ready to prosecute shocked us all when he said, "But, I am not going to recommend sending this to Attorney General Loretta Lynch (the one who met with Bill Clinton (privately) on a accident!  Trump's reason for firing Comey will turn out to be that he wants his new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions" and new FBI chief to re-open that case and prosecute the Clintons and expose them for who they really are....criminal money hungry Progressives who used the office of Secretary of State to solicit millions of foreign dollars for the Clinton Foundation. 



  President Trump needs our support on HIS issues.  Don't stand by and do nothing.  Call your Senators and Congressional people to get behind his issues.  WE ARE NOT SILENT ANY LONGER!  



    May 22, 2017 - President Trump has TWO personnas!

The U.S. media hates him, so every article written or televised (as news) paints him as a bumbling, inept, homophobic, Muslim hating, womanizing person who is unfit for public office! The "other Trump" is the one that the Arab world and Israel (or business leaders, etc. whom he has met with) paint him as a distinguished, knowledgeable leader of the free world.

Those remarks coming from Arab kings and Princes or Israel's Prime Minister (all who rejected Obama and didn't show up when he got off the plane) are not filtered by U.S. news organizations run by Progressives who will never accept that their queen (Hillary) was soundly defeated by responsible, conservative-leaning they smear him at every turn.

They are trying to find or create something whereby he is "impeachable". - It will fail.

Donald Trump is actually a calm. patient genius who, while the media plays with the bait he casts on Twitter - or a comment he makes about Comey, etc, he is working his agenda quietly in the background.

We voters WILL deliver many more Republicans to him next year during the 2018 election cycle. Trump is biding his time...working his agenda...saving his SJC for one or two more conservative judges, saving his veto power to use against the GOP establishment if they don't finally support his agenda, and he is getting things done world-wide and spite of the media and Dem and Establishment attempted crusades against him. :) - Smile, you are on the Trump train! John Tyler - "WHY REPUBLICANS WILL RULE FOR THE NEXT TWELVE (12) YEARS!"  

Donald J. Trump


LISTEN UP TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!!  Chuck Schumer said, "Millions and millions of calls came into politician's offices in the negative for DeVos.This means that EVERY TIME President Trump nominates someone, MILLIONS of Hillary Libs are schooled (trained) to call their senators and Congressmen and women. SO - YOU SUPPORTERS OUGHT TO BE CALLING (LIST IS TO THE LEFT HERE) TO SUPPORT TRUMP'S NOMINEES!  Your VOTES got Trump elected.  YOUR CALLS will show your support for his cabinet and SJC picks!  WE MUST STAND UP AND BE HEARD - like we were on election day!

 THE GENIUS OF DONALD TRUMP! - The media, the Democrats and the liberal judges still don't get that Donald Trump is smarter than they are, and that he's playing them like a Stradivarius!  Trump and the Republicans in power are pre-planning for the 2018 elections which is only NEXT YEAR!  President Trump and the GOP schemed to ridicule the three court appellate judges into upholding Judge Robart's decision to hold the Trump ban on immigrants from seven Muslim nations.  Knowing the 9th "Circus" would uphold the decision because the 9th Circuit is the most liberal in the nation, Trump is expecting to take it to the SJC now....where the vote is. at the minimum, a 4-4 split so that vote will uphold the lower court's ruling.  How does Trump and the Republicans win?  WHEN (not if) a terrorist attack happens in the U.S., the blame will squarely lie at the feet of the judicial branch, the media and the Dems who fought Trump's mandate.  The voters will REMEMBER this in next year's election and will hold the DEMS responsible.  The Republicans will then gain a super-majority in the House & Senate.  THEN, Trump and the Republicans can accomplish all that they set out to do - without opposition.  This protects the remaining six (6) years of a Trump administration!  Had the court sided with Trump, and the attack occurs (and it WILL), then Trump and the Republicans would have suffered the consequences!  It's always WIN - WIN for Trump, but the DEMS, the media and the libs still don't get his motives or his use of Twitter!  :)


I carefully watched the entire speech that Trump gave to Congress.  It contained the same exact speech parts from his life on the campaign trail.  Once the media declared (immediately) that "Trump looked and sounded "presidential", the die was cast.  The next day, the backtracking began!  They began tearing his speech apart on CNN, name it!  WHY?

At first blush, they were all astounded at the magnificent way that President Trump delivered the speech.  No media blaming this one or that one. No condemnation of the Dems who rarely stood (on cue from the lib leaders on the Democrat side of the hall).  Even when Trump mentioned "ONE AMERICAN FLAG", the libs stayed seated, and that should tell us all we need to know as we face the 2018 election cycle!  Trump is biding his time awaiting the confirmation of Gorshuch and awaiting (possibly) the advent of adding more Republicans to the house & senate in November of next year.  THEN, he can get his entire agenda accomplished even with the negativity of McCain and Lindsey Graham! 


45th President

United States of America





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